The 1st International Flaxseed Forum and Procurement Event will be held in Saskatoon, Canada, on November 12th, 2019. This forum will be jointly sponsored by Golden Grain Trading Co., Ltd., Canada and Ronghai Biotechnology Co., Ltd., China. This meeting is devoted to reveal the current situation of flaxseed industry in China, to enable the local farmers to better understand the Chinese market capacity of flaxseed, and to disclose the demand and processing capacity, as well as the leading position in industry of flaxseed of Ronghai, which is an important customer of Golden Grain. This forum will build a comprehensive communication platform for Canadian flaxseed farmers, government agencies and Ronghai to discuss and participate in the trade and cooperation of flaxseeds between Canada and China.
The forum has invited famous Chinese flaxseed experts, senior Government officials of Saskatchewan, and relevant service enterprises to give keynote lectures. Discussions and seminars on various topics will be arranged during the forum. On behalf of the organizing companies, we sincerely invite flaxseed farmers to participate in this event and promote the development of flaxseed industry.